church in Sherwood

backgrounds. Somehow they were able to find harmony and began meeting every Sunday. In 1927, they held a one week revival and at the end of that week the church was organized as an Interdenominational Church and took on the name Sylvan Hills Community Church. The church faced some hard times due to the depression and World War II. Also during this time, several churches in our community were born out of Sylvan Hills Community Church. Two of the most notable are Sylvan Hills Baptist Church and Sylvan Hills Methodist Church. The membership fell to under 30 people, and soon the church had a vote to decide if they should shut the doors. An agreement was never met and the few members that were left wanted to keep the doors open.
    In January, 1951, Bro. W.A. Blount was hired as the pastor. Bro. Blount faced many early challenges while trying to organize the church. However, In only 15 months the congregation grew from 23 to 44 members. The congregation continued to grow and in 1954, a new sanctuary was completed, thanks to an $8,000 loan by Roy Burton and a lot of volunteer labor. The Christian Education building was completed in 1965,  and more space was still needed and by the end of the 1960's the sanctuary was was extended. Still more room was needed so in 1972, the church board voted to build a new sanctuary and the first service was held on Easter Sunday in 1975. At this point, Church membership was between 500 and 600. 
    In 1990, after 40 years of service, Bro Blount retired. Changing pastors after 40 years isn't an easy process for a church and would prove to just as difficult for the pastor who was hired to replace him. In October of 1991, Bro Ron Hoffman was hired as pastor. He brought in new ideas and a new direction for the church. The congregation wasn't very receptive of these changes and after 1 year of service, he accepted the call to a different church.
    In January of 1993 Bro Tim McMinn accepted the call to pastor Sylvan Hills Community Church. The church was struggling financially and could only afford to hire Bro Tim part time. After only one year of service the church recovered to the point where they could hire Bro. Tim full time. Under Bro. Tim's leadership, the church has become much more community involved. Bro Tim was a member of the Civil Service Commission, he founded the Police Chaplin program for the city, he implemented a Christmas banquet for the police officers, and he implemented a week of prayer to coincide with the national day of prayer that happens each may. In 2008, the sanctuary was remodeled. The church continues to grow and offer many different programs. We encourage you to come check out what God is doing in our community with Sylvan Hills Community Church
Sylvan Hills Community Church  was founded in 1924. In the early 1920's, there wasn't any other churches in the Sylvan Hills area. So the community got together to form a church. In the Spring of 1923 Justin Matthews donated donated the tract of land where the church still remains today. It was donated with the agreement that it would remain a church and couldn't be sold. In the Summer of 1923, the construction of the original church building began. The were several families that worked to get the church built and were led by Mr. Ed Salyers. The other founding families were the Huletts, Carmacks, McCoys, Hargroves, and Wheelers. The original building was a small, one-room building and the congregation was made up of several different Christian